Project Type: Multimodal Design
Project Duration: March 2023
Design Tools: Arduino Micropython, Fusion 360, Adobe Creative Cloud

[In collaboration with Melissa Navarro]


Lingobox reimagines language learning in a more fun and interactive way. It inspires children and new language learners to practice their language skills through a word matching game. The user can practice their vocabulry by themselves or make it competitive by playing with an opponent. The first person to reach 12 correct matches wins the game while further advancing their vocabulary!

User Experience:
The experience is intended to be simple and pleasurable with the use of only one button to control the device. Visual feedback on the LCD display makes the functions of the buttons easily understandable. The use of LED lights tracks the player’s status visually making it simple for the players to identify who’s winning.

Interface and Interaction Modality:
Lingobox is a physical device that includes two dual buttons that allow for both scroll and pressing and two LCD screens to be interacted with. Each player has their own button marked by either, "P1" or "P2" to indicate which player and which LCD screen that they interact with. The LCD screen displays a word in their mother tongue language on the left side of the screen and four accompanying word options on the right side, in the language they're trying to learn. The user should scroll through the options using their button and click on their desired answer. If the answer is correct, the LCD screen will blink green and a point will be received, represented by the LED Pixel Light on the top of the box. Once a player has successfully answered all 12 matches, the game will stop for both players and an animation will appear to indicate the winning player. Lingobox is displayed in the shape of a bunny for added playfulness and appeal.

Digital Fabrication: