about me


Hello there! I’m Sara, a former urban planner, turned, interaction designer from Toronto, Canada.

As an interaction designer, I specialize in crafting digital experiences through intuitive design and thoughtful user research. With a keen eye for detail and a user-centric approach, I strive to create meaningful solutions that drive engagement and deliver value to end-users. I am particularly interested in the intersection of design,  and branding, where I can use my skills to help businesses and organizations communicate their values and engage with their audiences. Beyond branding and creative direction, I'm also particularly interested in service design, where I can apply my expertise in user research, design thinking, and strategy to create holistic solutions that meet the needs of both businesses and customers. 

When I’m not working, you can find me curating oddly specific playlists, browsing through thrift stores, taking photos or planning exact itineraries for my next trip.


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UI, UX, Web Design, Product Design, Mobile & App Design, Visual Design, Prototyping, Branding, Design Systems, Design Thinking, Design Strategy, HTML, CSS

Figma, Miro, Adobe Creative Cloud, Protopie, Notion, Cargo, Slack, Webflow, Tokens, Jira