[In collaboration with Samuele Brenna, Melissa Navarra + Jean Louise Shantz-Egger]


In a crowded and competitive market, meeting the evolving needs of consumers is crucial for any grocery app to truly stand out. That's why we proudly present ZESTI, the innovative grocery list and delivery app designed to answer the new and rising demands of today's shoppers. ZESTI is a seamless solution that allows you to make lists, order directly from them, and even re-order with ease. With ZESTI, your grocery shopping experience is streamlined, efficient, and tailored to your preferences. ZESTI incldues added ability to order from several grocery stores in one delivered order eliminating hours spent driving from store to store to find specific items. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and personalized service of ZESTI, the grocery app that goes above and beyond to make your life easier in a crowded and competitive market.

The Challenge

As part of the project brief, we were tasked with creating a food delivery app. The brief included a personna to help develop our idea and the following prompt:

“Design a food delivery app capable to answer the new and rising needs of consumers while truly standing out in an already crowded and competitive market ”

The Personna

With the following personna in mind, we began some simple desk research by exploring Michelle, our personna’s pains and goals. We walked through the scenario of hosting a dinner party to fully understand where the weaknesses and opportunities arised within the experience. We even conducted an ethnographic study to fully experience what Michelle felt.

Additioanlly, we interviewed frequent dinner party throwers to gain some real world insight and validate any assumptions we developed through the desk research.

"The low points in preparation are mostly related to the time aspect. If your have to do the shopping and the food preparation as well as the decoration of the apartment on the same day I usually have an enormous time problem at the end." - Yvo, 28

Through our interviews, we quickly understood that some of biggest issues were time, stress and requiring several grocery items from different stores to get all items on her list. This started our ideation process.

Using the insights we gathered from mapping out Michelle’s experience, external desk research and other user interviews, we were able to began ideating. Through clustering, Round Robins and Crazy 8s, we were able to come up with a HMW Question defining our problem.

Grocery shopping & dinner preparation can be time consuming & stressful, especially when you need to visit multiple stores to get all the correct items.

Design an app that allows the user to save time by helping them better plan their groceries and get them all delivered in fewer steps.

The Ideal User
To further develop our idea and understand how to craft it for our user, we developed an ideal user and situation journey map to help us map out what features were required to craft the most compelling experience. 

Wireframing + Branding
We began wireframing to understand what our key screens and flows were before attempting the UI. To develop a strong brand identity we developed a moodboard that would form the base colors and feel of the appplication.

User Testing
In order to validate our design work, we tested our prototype with 6 users through a heuristic analysis. Fromhere we revealed that the order list flow needed to be refined as it was a little confusing for the user. We also disovered our home bar required a background in its navigation to increase accessibility.

The Outcome
Say goodbye to crowded aisles, long checkout lines, and the inconvenience of carrying heavy bags. ZESTI simplifies your grocery shopping process, ensuring you have everything you need with just a few taps on your phone. Experience the convenience and efficiency of ZESTI, the grocery app that truly understands and caters to your needs in an already crowded and competitive market.